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You can help New York Chemists by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!

"This staff is great; they treat me like family!!"

"Friendly staff and environment!"

"The folks who work there!!"

"Service, efficiency, Hugs, smiles."

"They are, quite simply, the best!"

"A true village gem in every sense of the word. Everyone is helpful and considerate. They also have a very good selection of products."

"Awesome place to get your prescriptions filled. Love the people there and everything they do to make me feel special. They are truly deserving of loyal customers."

"An amazing pharmacy. Truly a family friendly pharmacy. Family including fur baby family members. Great job Guys"

"Great place, great people."

"Love, love, LOVE this pharmacy! Customer service is above and beyond and the owners always go the extra mile to make me feel cared for! Amazing — wouldn’t trust anyone else!"

"The Folks at New York Chemists are always there to support me and my family when in need. They go above and beyond the normal call of duty of a pharmacy each and every time. The big box pharmacies, should use them as a case study and learn a thing or two about good old fashioned customer service. I am eternally grateful!"

"Amazing people!!! Amazing products"

"The entire gang at New York chemist are just awesome people. They are so professional and extremely friendly. And they respect your privacy and if they have a question in regards to a medication you were taking they pull you to the side and talk to you privately. They call you when your prescription is ready. They even call your doctor for you in regards to a prescription in question or to be refilled. Just an amazing atmosphere and I love going there and picking up my prescriptions from them. Thank you New York chemist."

"The most amazing experience every time!

My prescriptions are always ready with warm hugs and smiles! Love these guys"

"This place! Holy cow, do they go above and beyond. They've helped me for over 25 years, first at another pharmacy where they were the core staff, and now at this location. My medical needs have at times been very complicated and required that they extend themselves in order to meet them. Never have they failed me or even acknowledged how difficult it has been"

"Truly a number 10. Service is warm and these people are real and really care about you as an individual.very glad I switched."

"This highly professional and friendly neighborhood pharmacy is one of my favorite spots in the Village. They recently stayed open late so my wife could pick up a prescription for me after an operation. The owners and staff are very knowledgable and helpful about insurance matters."

"They are, quite simply, the best!"

"Professional service in a timely matter. Reliable and quality care."

"These folks are personable and professional. Fantastic!"

You can help New York Chemists by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!